Amazing Features

Real Time GPS Tracking

Just tap on the desired vehicle number and-

  • Get every single detail about the vehicle position
  • GREEN means that the vehicle is moving
  • RED indicates that the vehicle is stationary

     Just tap on

Manage Vehicles Info

Manage Vehicles Info-

  • Add any number of vehicles by clicking on ‘ADD VEHICLES’ option
  • Enter vehicle details, like vehicle number and registration details
  • Get details on vehicle registration, fitness and insurance
  • Browse through the list anytime find details


Find information upon a single tap such as-

  • Distance travelled
  • Time Duration
  • Speed information
  •  Last Location


speed information

Trip Summary

When your vehicle has completed its trip, you can tap on ‘Trip Summary’ to find-         

  •  Starting and end point of journey
  • Where did my vehicle stop along its journey and how long
  • Maximum and average speeds while



Speed-Time Graph

  • This provides you with updates on vehicle speed in Km/hr
  • Know whether you are in safe zone or exceeding it
  • Real time, as the graph updates itself every five seconds
  • Easy-to-follow graph

Notifications and Alerts

Notifications and Alerts

  • Now no more bothering about vehicle insurance and fitness expiry !
  • Geotracz keeps updating you when the expiry dates approach
  • Timely updates on vehicle position
  • Instant notifications keep you well-informed, always

 GeoTracz is Omnipresent!

Live Stats Anywhere

At times, staying back in the office, when you do not have time to go out and keep an eye on all the vehicles that are running. Better you register with GeoTracz web panel, it would help you to locate your vehicle-

  • Provides you a clear picture of the current location
  • Speed Graph
  • Trips and History

Every single detail about your vehicle on the web panel, that too in real time.

Better Interface

There are some more additional features that makes this APP more interactive. Such as:

  • Zoom In / Zoom Out: It provides you the facility to view the location of the vehicle more closely.
  • SCREENSHOT:You can easily take screenshots of vehicles in the map view.
  • POST DRAG EFFECT:By clicking on a bus number you will be directed to the bus location.
  • HISTORY:This gives accurate journey histories of whole day  of a particular vehicle based on date .
  • TILT VIEW:Enables you to see vehicles from different angles.


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